Premium Liquid Fertiliser

Premium Liquid Fertiliser

  • TPL Auxin Plus++ is a blend of root hormone stimulants and vitamins for use in turf, sugarcane and propagation situations. . read more

  • TPL Bolster 0-0-8, the premium liquid fertiliser for a hardwearing and healthy turf. Our special blend of potassium and sili. read more

  • TPL Combo 11-0-0, is the ultimate soil health solution! Our formula contains highly soluble forms of calcium and magnesium, . read more

  • TPL Entire +AA is a unique liquid, balanced Nitrogen/Potassium turf fertiliser with 50% of the Nitrogen in the form of a new. read more

  • TPL Essence is a balanced, high N:K ratio liquid nutritional supplement with added essential Trace Elements suited for use . read more

  • TPL Hi-K +AA is a high Potassium liquid fertiliser for immediate and sustained plant growth. This product is a low burn for. read more

  • TPL Standout combines the synergistic effects of Iron and Manganese with Nitrogen to produce turf with a dark, emerald-gree. read more

  • TPL Standout Lo-N combines the synergistic effects of iron and 4% manganese with SRN nitrogen to produce turf with a dark, e. read more

  • TPL Strength PK+ 0-22-32, is a highly concentrated phosphorus and potassium liquid fertiliser. This product contains mono-po. read more

  • TPL Ultikelp +AA is a product that contains a powerful concentration of kelp for the promotion of root and shoot development. read more

  • TPL Zenith is the ultimate solution for improving soil health and promoting healthy growth of turf. TPL Zenith increases CE. read more

  • A unique all-purpose soil surfactant containing 5% kelp concentrate to stimulate plant root growth. TPW AquaPro is the ideal. read more

  • TPW RapidPro is a blended non-ionic soil wetting agent. TPW RapidPro improves penetration and infiltration of water through . read more