Turfcare Australia is the newly appointed distributor of Floratine products throughout Australia. Floratine Foliars use only the highest-grade ingredients to maximise plant uptake. By investing in the highest quality raw materials, the plant is better able to uptake essential nutrients via the foliage and minimise burn potential.

Because every customer faces different challenges, Floratine Foliar products are not a one size fits all fix. Customers use Floratine products to address their own specific issues and they do so with the confidence that comes from the real-life success of their peers.

Floratine is dedicated to one single goal: providing products and solutions to help our customers maintain the finest turfgrass surfaces in the world. We know their livelihoods and professional reputations are at stake and, for this reason, so we remain wholly committed to their success.

Foliar Products

An innovator in developing foliars for turfgrass, Floratine’s unique formulations combine a blend of naturally occurring plant extracts, antioxidants, amino acids and carbohydrates with vital nutrients for better grass growth, root development and tolerance to environmental stress.  Floratine Foliars TM do not contain non-beneficial, agricultural or utility grade nutrients (chlorides, hydroxides, acetates) or synthetic chelates (EDTA, HEDTA, etc). If a nutrition product contains any of the ingredients above, foliar uptake may be significantly inhibited and may cause stress to your turf and less than desirable results.

Soil Products

Turf can only be as healthy as the soil its growing in. The Floratine range of soil conditioning products breaks down thatch and black layer, improves soil chemistry and increases available nutrient uptake, helping you grow and maintain consistently vigorous turf. 

Specialty Products

When it comes to your turf, every detail matters.  That’s why Floratine has developed specialty products specifically formulated for water management, improving turfgrass colour or providing a nutritional boost.

Turf Action Plans

Combine some of Floratine’s most popular products to help solve common turf challenges.