Analytics And Diagnostics

Turfcare Australia offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet your needs:

  • Consultancy Services: We provide consultancy services for the turf and amenity industries. We help facilities maximise the potential of their surfaces and turf management programs.
  • Diagnostic Services: When it comes to diagnosing issues such as diseases, pests, water problems, or soil-related challenges, Turfcare Australia is your go-to solution. Our skilled technical agronomist is equipped to assist you in identifying and resolving these issues effectively.
  • Water, Soil, and Plant Tissue Testing: Making informed turf management decisions is crucial. We offer comprehensive testing services for water quality, soil composition, and plant tissue analysis. Regular annual testing of soil and water is essential, providing essential data for informed decision-making. By examining the results of these tests collectively, you gain valuable insights into the intricate interplay between these factors.

Our consultancy services are conducted by a highly qualified and specialised industry professional and agronomist, who possesses expertise in various aspects of turf management, pest control, and soil and water science. With Turfcare Australia, you’re in capable hands to optimise your turf and amenity facilities.

If you have opted to utilise our consultancy services and wish to access the results, please click the link below and enter your user ID and password.