Plant Nutrition

TPL COMBO 11-0-0


TPL Combo 11-0-0, is the ultimate soil health solution! Our formula contains highly soluble forms of calcium and magnesium, which quickly and effectively reduce sodium levels in your soil. Our Chloride and Sulphate-free formulation has an ideal ratio of calcium to magnesium (4:1), making it perfect for routine maintenance applications. Plus, it can be easily injected into fertigation systems, with flexible application rates to modify the nitrogen output.

TPL Combo’s free-flowing formulation makes it effortless to decant into spray equipment and mixing tanks, saving you time and hassle. Our product is also infused with Boron, which aids in maximizing calcium uptake within the plant, promoting healthy growth and development.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, TPL Combo is the solution you need to improve soil health and promote optimal plant growth.




10-40L per ha


20L, 200L, 1000L


11.2% N, 13% Ca, 3.4% Mg, 0.1% B

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