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Ninja Tines are the standard for non-disruptive aerification. Ninja Tines will increase oxygen levels, percolation and reduce your organic matter with no surface disruption. If it doesn't have a "N" on top of the shank, then its not a genuine Ninja Tine.

The Ninja Tines are machined from a single piece of the finest Japanese Steel made by Ishizaki Steel, a long time supplier of quality automotive parts. The one-piece construction and design offers surpassing reliability and longevity.

Ninja's have a unique shape with dual tips that wear evenly and have proven very durable. CNC machined from the finest Japanese Steel with no loose or moving parts. Ninja Tine offer on of the smallest bores around for fast recovery.

- Measuring 7mm or 9mm in diameter, the Ninja Tine is ready to meet your green aeration needs.
- Core diameter on the tine is only 4mm meaning that greens are immediately available for play.
- Just blow off the sand and you are ready to go!


Ninja Tines


10 per pack

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